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Savoie - Bugey

The wine-growing region in Savoie is spread out into four departments of Rhône-Alpes region : Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère and Ain.
The climate is harsh in winter but warm and sunny in summer (continental with southern influence) ; the ground is of glacial origin with marls and limestone screes. The whole wine-growing area is 4570 acres.

Main grape varieties

White grape varieties

  • Altesse or Roussette : give light and perfumed wines.
  • Chasselas : gives a very fresh and mineral wine, with a hint of bitterness and floral aromas (lime).
  • Jacquère : gives a light, lively and slightly acidic wine.
  • Roussane (Bergeron), Gringet, Molette and Chardonnay complete the assortment.

Red grape varieties

  • Gamay : red fruit aromas with good acidity.
  • Mondeuse : fresh fruit (blackcurrant), spicy and keeps for a while.
  • Pinot Noir (the « king grape variety » of Bourgogne) and other local more anecdotal grape varieties such as the Persan or the Douce Noire.


There are also rosé wines in Savoie, which arise from the Gamay grape variety and sometimes from the Mondeuse or the Pinot Noir.

Vin de Savoie's appellations/designations

Vin de Savoie's appellations are : Seyssel, Savoie's Roussette (there are 5 crus), Crépy and PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)Vin de Savoie.

The vinification (or wine-making process) is standard with the temperature being monitored. White wines are dry, fresh, light and lively and represent 80% of the production.

White and rosé wines age maximum two years whereas the red ones can be stored for two to four years.

Bugey wines are situated in the department of Ain and they cover 67 towns and villages. The wine-growing area is 1230 acres. The whole range of wines is produced there : red, rosé and white wines but also rosé and white sparkling wines, with the same grape varieties as in Savoie and Jura.

Sparkling wines are developed with traditional or ancestral methods. Bugey's wines are similar to Savoie's wines in taste, although they differ in intensity which is not as strong in some designations, such as Manicle, due to a greater amount of sunshine.

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